South West Business Crime Forum

The strength of networks is not lost on SWBCC.

Throughout our experiences of tackling business crime, the importance of bringing together businesses; police; and those working to improve our commerce centres is essential if we are to make progress in reducing crime and identifying threats.

Our Business Crime Forums are an ideal platform to problem solve, share best practice and build professional relationships.

The Forums look into specific topics with an in-depth approach to identifying common strands and developing approaches to improve partnerships to address them.

Topics for the forums in 2019 include retail crime; night time economy; cyber-crime; and addressing anti-social behaviour.

Our next South West Business Crime Forum will take place in January 2020 with workshops on reporting to police communications and CSAS/ ESP work where businesses can support policing.

If you would like to find out more you can engage with our Business Crime Forums, please feel free to contact us.