Police Support Services

Alleviating service pressures through effective prevention work and compliant data sharing.

Business led solutions to reduce demand:

Business crime accounts for a quarter of all reported crime to police services, although the bulk of offences still go unreported. This can lead to a difficult situation where police services and the business communities are not engaged in positive dialogue around crime prevention and detection.

The sheer scale and complexities of business crime, coupled with increasing demands and shifting priorities on local police, means that it is often marginalised and that leads to resentment from both sides.

The need for information sharing is critical in order to target persistent offending and to equip businesses with the right data to protect themselves from becoming future victims.

Service wide business crime centres and Business Sentinel Networks:

The South West Business Crime Centre can assist police services with the delivery of service wide Business Sentinel Networks for specific business sectors. SWBCC can also help create new BCRPs or Business Crime Centres for larger areas such as cities or counties.

The Business Sentinel Networks fulfil two vital requirements to assist both parties in preventing and detecting crime. The first element is around the receiving of intelligence and incident reporting, which serves two functions.

Firstly, we gather and collate all reports and look to identify individuals; vehicles; trends. In doing so, we get a better understanding of who is doing what where and when. This enables us to pass on relevant information to police and businesses to assist in the prevention and detection of crime.

The second function is that when reporting business can opt to escalate to police for a response, for example a crime reference number for insurance purposes or a full investigation, alleviating demands on the non-emergency 101 number enabling communication teams to deal more swiftly with other calls.

We do stress that in emergency situations then the best course of action is to call 999, so any confusion over when to report is avoided.

Knowledge is power:

In addition, to the reporting element, each member of the Business Sentinel Networks will receive appropriate alerts on criminal activities pertinent to their specific sector. These alerts are delivered electronically via an application on smart phones and emails.

As well as producing alerts on criminal activity locally, the South West Business Crime Centre also provides alerts on cyber crime threats; scams and frauds; and any other relatable information to those members.

There are two other aspects that the Business Sentinel Networks can provide that will be of use to police services and statutory agencies.

The system enables users to receive news and notice of forthcoming events. For example, if there was a cyber crime prevention workshop or a property marking event taking place, all members would be informed of that and encouraged to participate.

The second element is the documents library which will be a source of crime prevention advice and tips from physical to virtual security. The provision of this information, along with the other aspects of the Business Sentinel Networks, enables police services and businesses to pro-actively engage and share to drive down demand and crime in an efficient; effective; and affordable way.

Pressures on the police service in light of budget cuts means that business crime is not able to be given the focus it once was.

Effective, compliant data sharing partnerships have a proven success rate. Recently, where a well established partnership was closed recorded business crime rose by 14%

By businesses and partners working together, success is achieved.

The South West Business Crime Centre can offer police services support in developing data sharing services; compliancy checks; and advise on business crime reduction initiatives.

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