Gathering relevant news stories for your databases and members can be challenging and time exhausting exercise for many Business Crime Reduction Partnerships.

Trawling through websites and traditional media to generate content for your web platform is a draining experience but with SWBCC, we can do all that hard work for you and update your members with all the latest insights and stories to help keep them safe and informed, as part of our Data Management or Virtual Co-ordination packages.

We can also assist you with developing and maintaining social media presences to help you engage with your members and communities.


An important aspect for any business crime reduction initiatives is the ability to demonstrate success and effectiveness. Engaging annual reports are a vital element to show the benefits of participation and the SWBCC has a great wealth of experience in producing reports to show the world the wonderful work you’re doing.

Member surveys and consultations should also be conducted on important matters affecting the direction of the scheme and to gather vital feedback on the performance of your partnership. SWBCC can take the pain out of this for you and offer you a comprehensive package to conduct the survey and produce the results in an engaging platform.


For media sources looking for input on a business crime related piece, the SWBCC can assist as we make regular and irregular contributions to the media on business crime and community safety issues.

Sometimes, you may be looking for some advice and support on a story or need a sound bite to accompany a piece and need an authoritative voice to cut through all the spin which we can assist you with.

Why not contact SWBCC to find out how we can help you with your news and views by dropping us a line via the form on We are SWBCC.