BCRP Compliance Checks

It is essential for every BCRP to operate in a compliant manner. The risk to all for not doing so are significant, not just to the reputation of the BID but all those individually involved with it, especially the Directors and Management.

This is why we offer a BCRP Compliance Check.

We will look at your documentation and policies to ensure that they are fit for purpose and conduct a thorough review of your Offender Database to ensure that your processing is as it should be.

A report declaring your compliance with advise on any improvements required is produced to assist you in ensuring that you are safe in your work.

You wouldn’t drive a car without a MOT, so why take the risk with your BCRP?

These are delivered remotely and cost £250 per Compliance Check so whether you need one on a frequent basis or as a one off, it’s a simple and cost effective way to keep you, your directors, and your community safe and attain peace of mind that you’re avoiding malpractice issues.

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