BCRP Advice Line: Your safety net

BID and BCRP management is a challenging task with multiple plates spinning at any one time.

The knowledge required to deliver excellence and compliance in the complex Business Crime Reduction work adds yet another level of pressure to that work.

“You would not operate a vehicle without getting it serviced annually, dealing with repairs swiftly or having breakdown cover should you need it. We subscribe to the BCRP Advice Line package. This ensures that my team has immediate access to industry leading professionals who are able advise and support on GDPR/DPA matters, and also provide us with a route should we be unsure on how to deal with situation – the recovery service!”

Steve Townsend, Weston Town Centre/ BID Manager.

This is why we have developed our Advice Line.

With 20 years worth of experience in delivering a wide range of services across this sector, we’re well placed to guide and assist you.

Whether it’s processing a SAR, unblocking a snag in your scheme, or receiving best practices, we can offer independent knowledge that will assist you in moving forwards with confidence whether by phone or email.

Pay As You Go at £50 per hour or enjoy Unlimited Access at £100 per calendar month, giving you a cost effective, flexible approach to getting the help you need.

This will support your ongoing efforts to ensure compliance and confidently handle any challenges ahead.

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